Lyndsey Roe

Lyndsey Roe describes herself as a a pick ’n' mix of an artist, dabbling in digital, craft as well as still pushing that pencil around. Roe loves to make artists books and challenges the concept of what a book is and can be. Most recently illustrating on wood with a combination of pyrography, fabrics and illustration.  Experimental photography usually finds its place within the mix too, all useful attributes to the makers toolkit.

“I teach, share, challenge and question through arts workshops and it's here that I find myself in a meaningful place, outside of delivering in a formal educational setting. Working with narrative, whether poetry, children books or personal stories, ignites my creativity and provides a catalyst for creative play.  From the surreal to the emotional, it's unbelievable what life throws our way, so working with the wonderment of a telling tale is a joy.

It’s been a privilege to listen to the stories from participants on the LNF project.  I have listened intently to heartache and hardships and laughed until we drew tears at the mischief of some!  I have felt welcomed and involved, inspired and moved.  It is this emotive immersion in the Lancashire Not Forgotten project that is driving the final artwork.”

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